As I guess you are aware of many browser based RTS games. Have you ever seen one that is designed for mobile browsers? War Kingdoms is a new generation browser based RTS game and it is specifically designed for smartphones. With its HTML5 architecture it is very easy to play with your smartphone without download. War Kingdoms provides user friendly menus and environment that is highly suitable for touch screens.

Beginning from the revolution started by Iphone, smartphone applications dominate the technology world. But the main application which is found on every smartphone, the browser, has also became a very powerfull tool with its no download option, easily updatable and fast structure. Applications which dominate the desktop browsers will start to dominate this new world. RTS games are very popular on browsers for last ten years. War Kingdoms is designed to fulfill the need for an RTS game on mobile world.

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War Kingdoms is a mobile browser based RTS game. There are three civilizations in the game, each civilization has its own warriors and buildings. Players produce and upgrade villagers to gather resources. Then they spend their resources to recruit armies. Every player can establish their own colony, but they must be careful because other players may conquer these colonies. There are important cities which are located on traderoads. There are three traderoads in the game: Silk Road, Spicy Road and Royal Road. The aim of the game is to conquer a traderoad and challenge the world. If you can protect your trade road for a period of time against intense and merciless attacks then, hoorray, you win and world finishes.

War Kingdoms is growing with its sensitive but also warlike players. Friends create their own alliance and battle together, and also many times they lose together. This is not a world full of happiness but this is the world of excitement, struggle and friendship. War Kingdoms invites RTS gamers to taste this new world.